Cyprus Agile and Innovation first meetup - December 2017

December 14, 2017 at CUTing Edge, TEPAK Limassol

Our first meetup is on!!! Add the date on your calendar. December 14, 7.00 pm at CUTing Edge, American Space in Limassol. Speakers and presenters will kick off the event and share their Agile experience and discussions will follow around Agile and Innovation.

Our first meetup has the support of some world famous Agile coaches that will be announced soon. The participants will also have the opportunity to win Agile ebooks written by world famous Agile coaches and get discount vouchers as well.

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Our first meetup promo video


"Good place, good people. Looking forward to the next event"

"Great start! Some people are new to agile, would be a good idea to get back to the fundamentals! Fundamentals would give the workshops more context with those unfamiliar with the basics."

Our Speakers and Workshop facilitators of the meetup

Konstantinos Kareklas
Konstantinos KareklasAgile Coach, Innovation
Sharing is caring. This is how we all going to grow, only by sharing our experiences and by learning from our professional journey. Whatever we choose to do, either is going to bring successor or is going to get us closer. Having a 10+ years of experience as a Trainer, 5 years as a Scrum Master and 3 years as a Quality Assurance Engineer, I managed to record a lot of failures and successes. All developed me to who I am today and i have learnt that failure is just another win. Think simple, innovate and have always in mind that nothing is impossible.
Argyris Damtsios
Argyris DamtsiosProduct
I am an Electrical Engineer with passion for innovative and state of the art technologies and I believe analytical thinking and team collaboration are important tools to give efficient solutions. Pushing always forward for innovative advancements I have experienced very different roles of Software/Technical developer, Scrum Master and Product Owner, which I believe can help in grasping the bigger picture of business and technical development practices necessary for success.
Michalis Georgiou
Michalis GeorgiouScrum
As Software Engineer and Scrum Master was member of Development and DevOps teams at Microgen Financial Systems Ltd for 12 years, currently Scrum Master at Extra Energy Holding (Cyprus) Limited