Agile and Innovation meetup - April 2018

April 17, 2018 at Deloitte ARIS Innovation center, Limassol-Cyprus

Cyprus Agile and Innovation community invites you to join the second meetup, that will take place at Deloitte's ARIS Innovation center. This meetup is for you that you want to know what agile is, and also for you that you have experience and want to share it.

6.40 - 7.10 - Registrations
7.10 - 7.15 - Welcome words
7.15 - 7.25 - ARIS Innovation center welcome
7.25 - 7.55 - Agile Practices
7.55 - 8.25 - Networking - light dinner
8.25 - 9.10 - Two paths to follow one
Path 1: Hands on Agile workshop
Path 2: Agile Clinics

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"Very well organised, presenters were with the high knowledge, great venue!"

"Very informative"

"Great Job guys! amazing experience!"

"Unprecedented organization! A great team - one of a kind. Will attend again"


Our Speakers and Workshop facilitators of the meetup

Konstantinos Kareklas
Konstantinos KareklasAgile Coach, Innovation
There is no right or wrong. It’s whatever fits best for the team
Michael Hadjigeorgiou
Michael HadjigeorgiouSoftware Development Team Architect at PLATH LTD
Encouraging agile and culture aware teams at Plath LTD
Michalis Georgiou
Michalis GeorgiouScrum
As Software Engineer and Scrum Master was member of Development and DevOps teams at Microgen Financial Systems Ltd for 12 years, currently Scrum Master at Extra Energy Holding (Cyprus) Limited Moto Make it Safe... Make it Fun... See what happens!
Andreas Michaelides
Andreas MichaelidesTechnical Manager
Being Pragmatic and Agile is a thing
Demetris Anastasiou
Demetris AnastasiouScrum Master
Bio I became a sponge. A new chapter began in my own education, and I dual majored in corporate politics and software development in an agile world. Moto We don't need an accurate document. We need a shared understanding.
Elena  Leontiou
Elena LeontiouSoftware Quality Assurance Engineer
"Its not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change." C. Darwin My name is Elena and as a Quality Assurance Engineer and a Tester I strongly believe that people need to embrace change. Be able to quickly adjust and develop under any circumstances. It's how we survive, It's how we learn to live.

Photo Story of the meetup