Welcome to the AgileHR Cyprus team


We live in a very demanding society that organizations seek to find ways to deliver faster to the market with higher quality mitigating the risk of not delivering what the customer expects. Organizations do not highlight experience in the resume of the candidates but they are looking also for talents and enthusiast candidates.

Agile is a culture, a way of working, influence, accountability, responsibility, professional development, team effort. All of these aspects follow the same path towards the customer satisfaction outbidding the competition.

Both new and old organizations have their challenges and at any case they need the right recipes to turn the challenges into opportunities. Once they manage to set a proper vision-mission-values, then the rest is a matter of time, persistence and consistency to achieve the organizational identity development. Because agile is a culture that helps every organization build their own identity by applying whatever fits best. We should never forget, that each and every organization is unique, like every other organization.