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Few words about Cyprus Agile and Innovation

Cyprus Agile and Innovation is a community that aims to bring together all the professionals of the IT industry and not only, to share their Agile experience. It is also the mean for many others that wish to learn more about Agile.

There are many definitions around the internet related to what is agile. For us agile is professional development, expertise, customer value, innovation, culture and mindset. Since agile manifesto with all the various methodologies is so focused on maximizing the customer value and early delivery why not implementing it everywhere. Nowadays, customers want unique products, want to have them fast and to fulfill their needs to the maximum.

Work in short iterations, deliver more often and build the product with the customer. Invest your time with the customer to experience the solution/product and provide feedback and adopt and respond to those feedback accordingly. This the agile way. Respond to the changes fast enough that will deliver fast enough the solution/product to the customer.

Agile Manifesto is considered to be one of the most popular frameworks for many organizations around the world. It is still fresh in Cyprus but we have seen many companies transforming to Agile. That will give us the opportunity to bring all the professionals together and share their experience and learn.

Cyprus Agile and Innovation

The Cyprus Agile Community Team

Eirini Andreou
Eirini AndreouScrum Mastereandreou92@gmail.com
She holds a BSc in Computer Science and has experience as Software Developer, Scrum Master and Product Owner. She is currently working as a Scrum Master for the past two years and is a Registered Scrum Master and Product Owner by Agile Education (powered by scruminc)
Elizabeth Axavidou
Elizabeth AxavidouAgile Coachelisaksab@gmail.com
Elisavet is an Agile Coach at Bank of Cyprus. She holds a BSc in Computer Science, an MSc in Informtion Management and several agile certifications. She has been involved with Agile since 2016 when she worked as a Scrum Software Engineer. Her passion is helping organizations build the right products by maximizing their value and is an official Greek translator of the latest Scrum Guide and Kanban Guide.
Andreas Loizou
Andreas LoizouDirector of Software Developmentaloizou@qbeat.io
Andreas Loizou is a Software Engineer at heart who loves working with people! He currently leads the Software Development at QBeat Technologies. Andreas enjoys delivering seminars and coaching Software teams to build high-quality, maintainable software faster and be truly agile using Scrum.
Evniki Constantinou
Evniki ConstantinouProduct Ownerconstantinou.ev@outlook.com
Evniki is a Product Owner currently working with a fast growing startup in Nicosia. She is one of the newest members of the Cyprus Agile Community, and she holds a Bachelor in Computer Science and an MBA degree.
Chrisoulla Kailos
Chrisoulla KailosHead of People Operationsckailos@yahoo.com.au
Registered Scrum Master and Registered Product Owner by Agile Education powered by Scrum Inc. and has over 10 years of experience in HR. Her main experience lies within the Financial Services industry and has worked as free- lance providing HR services. The past year she was Head of People Operations in an EMI and is involved in the Agile Community, enhancing her experience and knowledge.
Nikolaos Sachinian
Nikolaos SachinianProduct Ownernikos_sahi@hotmail.com
Nikos is registered Product Owner and Scrum Master (Agile Education powered by Scrum Inc.) He is currently working as a Product Owner. He holds a BSc Computer Science degree and also has both IT and Business Analysis experience.
Afxentios Hadjiminas
Afxentios HadjiminasScrum Masterafxentios@hadjimina.com
Afxentios is a senior software engineer with more than nine years of experience both in Banking and Information Technology industries. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering and an MSC in Software Engineering. He has worked both as a software engineer and as Scrum Master in an agile environment.
Konstantinos Kareklas
Konstantinos KareklasAgile Transformation Consultantkareklask@gmail.com
Konstantinos Kareklas holds a BSc Business Administration with concentration in Management Information Systems, is a Registered Scrum Trainer and Scrum at Scale trainer from Jeff Sutherland, the co-founder of Scrum. He started his Agile and Scrum journey back in 2013 and since then he is delivering trainings and agile transformations.
Sophia Simonis
Sophia SimonisProduct Ownersophiasimonis@gmail.com
Sophia holds a BSc in Information Technology Management for Business and MSc in Human Computer Interaction. She is currently working as a Product Owner and she also has experience in Businesses Analysis. She is a registered Product Owner.