Demetris Anastasiou

Demetris Anastasiou

Scrum Master / Software Developer

As a scrum master Demetris number one goal is to help cultivate championship culture. He has a great attitude. He's the prime example of an ideal assistant agile coach who can assimilate with the team and be accepted as "one of us" on the field. Developers respect his technical understanding and they also appreciate the insight he provides with his style of servant leadership. Through scrum practices, ceremonies, and using agile development frameworks.

He always looks to encourage and plays to the strengths of individuals on the team. With experience in billing technologies, quality assurance, and facilities management. One of his biggest strengths is being able to connect with people on a personal level to gaining trust. Demetris truly cares about what makes people tick and he knows how to use it as positive reinforcement motivation. I feel that team works is better when the team enjoys working together. Demetris is a scrum master with Shu-Ha-Ri way of thinking.

Shu - Follow the rule

Ha - Break the rule

Ri - Be the rule