Konstantinos Kareklas

Konstantinos Kareklas

Agile Transformation / Improving Organizational Agility


Holder of a BSc Business Administration with concentration in Management Information Systems and various scrum and agile certificates. Mainly my expertise is on Agile Transformations, improving organizational agility.

I have been assessed and licensed by Jeff Sutherland, co-founder of Scrum, and delivered Scrum and Scrum at Scale training and coaching sessions in Europe to Scrum Masters, Product Owners, leadership and executives to organizations like Lufthansa, BMW and other reputable brands. I partnered up with Scrum Inc. and I deliver trainings, certifying Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Scrum at Scale Practitioners.

Throughout my career, I helped many organizations on their agile transformation journey, scaling (startups and established) and also on restructuring operating models. We partnered up and delivered a go to market plan simply by implementing the 3-5-3 in Scrum and then Scaled focusing mainly on the organizational culture, mindset and change management.

The success factor of an agile transformation and Scrum in general, is to apply the 3-5-3 in Scrum in an organization and operate based on what fits best. Think Scrum like football. In Football we have rules but every team plays differently based on that rules!